Social events

Reception at the City Hall, Monday 19th May, 19:00

The confercity_hall2ence reception will take place at Stockholm City Hall, the venue for the Nobel Prize banquet. The event is held by courtesy of the City of Stockholm and the County Council. A buffet will be served followed by a guided tour of the building.

How to get to the City Hall

The easiest way to reach the City Hall is to take the blue line of the metro and exit at the Rådhuset station. There are many exits from the station. You should take the exit called Parmmätargatan or Hantverkargåtan. If you travel from Kista/Akalla, this exit is in the direction of the train. When you exit the metro station you will find yourself in the crossing of Parmmätargatan and Hantverkargåtan streets. Turn left and walk down Hantverkargåtan (west). On your left there should be a small park (graveyard) and Kungsholms church. In front of you, at the end of the Hantverkargåtan street you should see the tower of the City Hall. Just go in that direction for around 500 meters and you will see whole the City Hall.

Detailed map and direction to City Hall is available here or can be downloaded as a pdf document here

Conference dinner at Moderna Museet, Wednesday 21st May 2014 20:00

The conference dinner will take place at Moderna Museet Restaurant.

How to get to the Moderna Museet

Take the blue line of the metro towards Kungsträdgården. Get off at the Kungsträdgården station and take the exit called Kungsträdgården (direction towards the front of the train). When you exit the metro and reach the street level you will find yourself at the crossing of Arsenalgåtan and Grevgränd streets. Go straight down the Grevgränd street towards the sea, there will be a small bridge between buildings that you should go under. When you reach the end of the Grevgränd street turn slightly left and go Södra Blasieholmshamnen street. You should have the sea on your right side and the Grand Hotel on your left. The kings palace is on the other side of the bay, so if the weather is good you can take a picture. After 200-300 meters you will reach a small bridge (Skeppsholmsbron) connecting the mainland to the small Skeppsholm island. There is a golden crown in the middle of the bridge (time for another picture?). When you cross the bridge follow the main road straight until you reach a small park with many modern sculptures. Then turn left and follow the big arrows towards the Moderna Museet. The restaurant is in the Moderna Museet itself.

Detailed map and direction to Moderna Museet is available here or can be downloaded as a pdf document here